I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Lourmarin in the Morning

Oil on Canvas | 44.5 x 56.75 in. - There are some scenes here in Provence that I keep going back to for...

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A Long Night

Oil on Canvas | 31.25 x 39 in. - Oh, the dancing was great. But now my feet hurt..

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Evening Colors

Oil on Canvas | 36 x 28.25 in. - As I have said before, I love anything old, dis-formed a bit by time and the ages...

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Riomaggorie Memory

Oil on Canvas | 36 x 29 in. - Riomaggiore is one of five tiny villages of Cinque Terra on the west coast of Italy....

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Les Parasols

Oil on Canvas | 26 x 32 in. - In the late eighties, when we live in Paris for those two short years, we would explore...

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Village Near Montepellier

Oil on Canvas | 31.375 x 31.25 in. - There are so many charming villages in France. I could live two lifetimes and not...

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Trois Twiga

Oil on Canvas | 15.5 x 31.125 in. - Africa, the cradle of civilization, continues to pass on, through osmosis, the energy and...

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Petite Cuisine

Oil on Canvas | 36.2 x 25.6 in. - One of the strongest paintings I have done recently, the use of bold red and...

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La Couleur de Villa Saint Louis

Oil on Canvas | 40 x 40 in. - The first three years of our sojourn in Provence, we rented a charming apartment...

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Burnadette's Gathering Place

Oil on Canvas | 12.99 x 18.11 in. - Our grande dame of Lourmarin, Bernadette, invites all to a picnic every Monday...

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Cassis IV

Oil on Canvas | 23 x 47 in. - Cassis is charming fishing village right on the Cote d’Azur....

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Le Temp du Summeil

Oil on Canvas | 30 x 40 in. - “Sleepy time” was painted in one of our bedrooms upstairs that has wall paper on the....

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I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

~Alice Williams

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Featured Paintings

Une Postcard of Coco's Terrace

  • June 22 - 2018

Featured at Huff Harrington Fine Art
Don't miss their annual Bastille Day show July 14th - 29th!

Years ago, I visited a good French friend, Coco, in her apartment in Hyeres, close to Toulon. While there I painted a vertical canvas of her living room looking out on her...

Cortona Impressions I

  • May 18 - 2018

The numerous times of painting in Crotona, Italy have been so rewarding to me. To paint on site and realize that there has been life and energy, centuries old, that have occupied the spaces you are painting. The beautiful and colorful rooftops, as you can imagine, captured me at first sight.

Pointe D'Esny

  • March 29 - 2018

Mauritius Island in February is mighty hot and humid, especially in the middle of the day when I wanted to paint.

Horsin' Around

  • January 18 - 2018

Featured at Alice Returns from France Solo Exhibition at Chastain Horse Park Club House in Atlanta - Jan 31 - Feb 3.

One of my Dreams

  • December 29 - 2017

Happy New Year!

If I were to lose everything... all my accoutrements from this life,

Village of Lourmarin

  • November 21 - 2017

There are some scenes here in Provence that I keep going back to for inspiration and repeatedly paint. Either the subject is very important to me in our new life in France or the subject matter needs repeating..

The Lady with the Red Purse

  • October 17 - 2017

Les Atelier d’Artistes, (Studio of Artists), is one of charming galleries located on the main street of Lourmarin. It’s made up of twelve artists, three sculptors and eight painters, all French except moi. Besides manning the gallery once a month, we share some of the costs associated. It’s...