I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Jett Thompson HOME Our Garden from the Cottage Vertical23.88 x 19.75 in Jett Thompson Home.. Product #: 1779

Our Garden from the Cottage

Status: Jett Thompson HOME
Painting Number: 1779

Price: $3,400

In our paradise here, we have a parterre between the main house and our pool cottage… known as a cuisine d’ete, or summer kitchen, over here. This scene is what greets me every morning, with my cup of iced coffee, I enjoy the garden and study the light... brilliant and warm on the house… and then the shadows on the plants, so intensely blue. This contrast makes me want to paint it.

About This Painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Orientation Vertical
Size (inches) 23.88 x 19.75